Arsenal, eh?

Arsenal form in the first seven weeks of BPL season 2013/2014 has lift up the hope in almost every Gunners’ heart, no doubt about that. Let me show you what’s happening in Arsenal’s first 7 weeks since season 2011/2012.

From the blue line, which represents current Arsenal form, we know that Arsenal is currently in their best form among the presented three years. So, maybe we should be optimistic on Arsenal, finally, challenging for the title.
OK, so beside the meaningless lines that I’ve shown you, is there any factor why you, Gunners, should be optimistic on the future of your team?

Mesut Ozil
Similar to general conception, I also believe that Ozil’s present in Arsenal give a positive impact on the other players. Unlike many superstars that are signed by a mediocre team, Ozil does not show any sign of selfishness. He is a definite team player, he diligently run as decoy and has been supplying wonderful passes to penalty box. Just like he said after joining Arsenal, “I’m the sort of player who likes to create goals. My team-mates know me as a player who is not selfish.”
In addition to the exceptional talent as he is, Ozil’s existence leaves other players under pressure. First of all, they have to perform in the same level as he is. Secondly, they can’t use “there is no star in Arsenal” as a reason for being in the fourth position anymore. Arsenal has spent a lot of money for Ozil, so unless they want to be bullied by English media as the team who has (finally) buy a superstar but still wins nothing, they better perform well.

Aaron Ramsey
Arsene Wenger gives Ramsey a deal when he was still 17 years old. Ramsey was seen as a prospect at time. Unfortunately, he broke his leg in 2010 and since then his career has become more or less stagnant. People started to become inpatient of him. Yet, since the beginning of the season he has shown us beautiful performances. Match against WBA aside, he has been dominating the midfield. He has 416 successful pass, with 86% accuracy. In the premier league, he scored 4 goals already. I think Arsenal fans are quite satisfied by this.

Allright, everybody knows about Ozil and Ramsey is there no other thing that can guarantee the success of Arsenal?

Mathieu Flamini
I was pessimistic with the Flamini coming back to Arsenal. I was like, really Arsene? Are you this cheap? Yet it turns out that Flamini plays fine. He is quite active in Arsenal defense line. He tackles. Like a lot. You don’t believe me? From 5 games, he has pocketed 4 yellow cards.
He is not exceptional. He is not stunning. He is just fine. Do whatever he is told to do. And he does it finely. Just like Arsenal so far. It is not winning the league, nor being in the middle of the table. Just fine. Not great, just fine.
But by doing fine, Flamini contributes to stability in Arsenal performance. Which is something that Arsenal really need considering their squad depth is not that deep.

Per Metesacker
This giant German has done his job greatly this time. He won 74% of his duel, which is mainly aerial duel. No matter who his partner is, Vermaelen or Koscielny, he is being a main figure in Arsenal defensive lines. He seems awkward, but he looks cool these days. Maybe he is also happy because of Ozil.

Arsene Wenger
Wenger? Really? Why? Well, the man is the longest serving manager in BPL now. He has been Arsenal manager for 17 years now. So, let’s give the man some respect, especially for the brave decision he has taken last summer.

So Arsenal fans? You want the title? Yeaah, go for it, don’t worry, I’ll support you. I think it’s OK to be too optimistic. The more optimistic you are the more similarity you have with British media. Which is a good thing, right? No?

Hold on a second, before you prepare a room in your trophy cabinet, let me give you one last fact.

That’s what happened in 2007/2008, so, beware!

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